William Yang (chairman)

William Yang is theologian and  the initiator of the Taborhuis, a centre for people with cancer. He has been going to India every year since 1988. There he visits the Tibetan community in exile over there and he is involved in various projects in preserving the unique Tibetan culture. Initially these were youth education projects, but later he discovered that the situation for older people is often even more poignant. When an old friend his, Ms. Liesbeth Steneker indicated that a large part of her legacy was to benefit these elderly people, he set up the Ama Youdon Stichting with Tsultem Rinchen Dorjee and Rob Lindhout. He visits all the elderly who are supported through this foundation every year.

Tsultem Rinchen Dorjee (board member)

Tsultem Rinchen Dorjee’s parents escaped from Tibet to Bhutan in 1959, where he was born. He grew up in northern India, where he received further education and training within the Tibetan community. He later worked for a Swedish relief organization in Rajpur, nearby Dekyiling, and he worked in the Norbulinka Institute near Dharamshala (, where young people were trained to keep the cultural traditions of Tibet alive and to further develop them. He currently lives in Nijmegen and is the owner of the Tenzin Tibet House ( in the Lange Hezelstraat. He regularly points out to visitors the possibility of supporting the Tibetan people and culture. That is how he mediated in the contact between Diederick Sprangers and Ama Youdon. This contact became the basis for the founding of the Ama Youdon Stichting.

Ytsje Landman (secretary)

Ytsje Landman has been the secretary of the Ama Youdon Stichting since September 2010. In appreciation for the beautiful initiative of Liesbeth Steneker and resulting from their warm relationship, she wants to make an active contribution to the Ama Youdon Stichting as a secretary. Together with others, she is also involved in supporting Tibetan refugee children.

Rob Lindhout (treasurer)

Rob Lindhout is and has been the treasurer since the start of the foundation.  From 2001 he studied for a number of years Tibetan Buddhism from his late teacher Gelek Rimpoche (USA, 1939-2017). In addition, he joined teachings from Sogyal Rimpoche and the Dalai Lama. He worked for several years as a volunteer at Jewel Heart in Nijmegen, which is a Buddhist centre in Nijmegen. He also worked in the shop of Tsultem Rinchen Dorjee and his wife. In 2006 he made a trip to Tibet.

Eline Rinchen Dorjee-Weiman (board member) 

Eline Rinchen Dorjee-Weiman has just recently joined the Ama Youdon Stichting (since November 2019). She is familiar with the foundation, as she is the wife of the co-founder Tsultem Rinchen Dorjee. In addition, she knew late Ama Youdon personally and she keeps warm memories  of her. Through her husband Eline regularly visits the Tibetan colony Dekyiling in India, where the old people lives who are supported by the foundation.