How we work

The Ama Youdon Foundation works closely together with the Tibetan Wellfare Office in Dekyiling. They select the elderly who need extra support. Two of the board members, Tsultem Rinchen Dorjee and William Yang, visit Dekyiling every year (on their own account) to maintain contacts and visit the elderly in person. Because of these visits it is very observable how a small contribution can have a great effect on these people’s lifes.¬†

Every three months the foundation transfers money to India, based on the demand and the number of elderly people to be supported. The people from the Tibetan Welfare Office are responsible for the distribution of the ‘stipendia’ and visit the elderly at least every 3 months. Most of the ¬†elderly people confirm their receipt of their stipend with a print of their thumb.

Remuneration policy

The members of the Ama Youdon Foundation board receive no remuneration for their work.
They personaly pay for their annual visits to the elderly in India; this can be considered as a gift to the foundation.
Expenses made in India that directly benefit the elderly (like purchase of blankets, construction of water pipeline, etc.) are reimbursed.